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Online, attended or remote. I do most of my mixing at Studio 5A, Isle of Wight, where I have access to top analogue and digital processing and excellent monitoring in a purpose designed room. However, I'm happy to work wherever I'm needed and will make the most of any mix situation.
For editing / comping jobs I often work at home or on the move, and can therefore offer super-fast turnaround on such work.
Guy Page Producer & Mix Engineer
When producing music I like to work with the artist throughout the pre-production, recording and mix stages, right through to over-seeing the mastering process (although after years of working with some of the best mastering engineers in the world, I've managed to find a few who tend to get it right first time, every time). I am here to realise your vision for the music, and guide you through the process to make sure we not only reach your expectations, but surpass them.
Guy Page Producer & Mix Engineer
I love capturing sound. The bizarre things we do in the effort to make something sound "natural" makes for a fun game. On a session, I don't like to spend too much time auditioning different microphones and techniques. I have enough experience to make an informed guess at what is going to work, and will only deviate when the sound is evidently "wrong". 90% of the magic happens during the recording process, so I want the technical side of engineering to operate quietly behind the scenes allowing the artist to perform without worrying about what I'm doing. When working away from my studio, I have some "old favourite" mics and pre's etc that I will travel with, just incase.
Guy Page Producer & Mix Engineer
As an experienced instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass, vocals & keys) and with a wealth of great instruments, amplifiers & a top recording studio at my disposal, I often provide individual parts for producers & artists who don't have the facility to record, for example, a live drum kit or acoustic piano. This can be treated as an online, or attended session.
Guy Page Producer & Mix Engineer
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